Groom Wedding speech

&Nbsp;   distinguished guests, Hello:
&Nbsp;   first, I representative I and xxx heartfelt of thanks here each a bit of to, tonight is I and XXX of wedding, Confucius said: "name not are is statements not shun statements not shun is thing not", this, I to first to everyone reported about, I and XX of married certificate number is: XXXXXXX, so, we is justified of legal couples, so tonight of wedding also should can smooth successfully of's.
&Nbsp;   today, xxx and I stand here to be married, I would first like to thank xxx parents, thank them for XX years of Gratefulness, today, they will be XX entrusted to my care, I think parents really look. Of course, I will not live up to the parents for believing in me, I will take good care of XX. Secondly, I would also like to thank my mother, even though I was a well-behaved, obedient child, however, in order to raise my grown up, she paid all efforts. Without my mother, there will not be who I am today.
&Nbsp;   Finally, I would like to thank you for standing by my side the girls, xxx, her determination to hold so much courage and self-sacrifice, marry me, I fear, I have to say at this point is, in the coming days, I will drive to 120 per cent, makes you happy little woman.
&Nbsp;   from now on, xxx and I will form a new family, mean in the sentence, wife, brother is playing back, Yi Jia, Le's wife and State Treasury. Parents Shun. In other words, conjugal, fraternal harmony, family relationship is harmonious, the mood is happy, then the parents will be well and happy. Therefore, I hope that not only me and xxx, but each and every family, in the days since then, and harmony, home and everything.
&Nbsp;   Finally, xxx and I once again sincerely thank each and every guest tonight at our wedding, and we share the joy together.
&Nbsp;   thank you very much!
&Nbsp;   finally add that dinner! BACK

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