Types of bridal bouquets

&Nbsp;   tale wedding bridal bouquets in girls, who will be the next to marry. If the legend a legend, you will believe it is true?
&Nbsp;   many people know, bridal bouquets from the Western religious marriage ceremonies, popular in the last century after World War II. Choose bridal bouquet should coordinate with the bride's body, clothing and other dishes. Petite brides aren't suitable for too long, too big, bouquet, so as not to appear top-heavy. Tall bride set off on the merits, water, waterfall long-shaped bouquet is your best choice.
&Nbsp;   bride holding flowers the color of choice most brides prefer to wear a white wedding dress, the Red Rose is a good choice, Huang ju, Gerbera, etc, if conditions of Phalaenopsis, Shi Hulan, feel more beautiful. The flowers also need around asparagus, asparagine, soft green leaves set off, along with one or two stars, it is poetic.
&Nbsp;   If the bride is wearing a red dress, bouquet of tones with the elegance of carnations, calla lilies, chrysanthemums, mainly, sprinkled a few dark flower, one more match is all over, your hand bouquet "turn heads" will be very high!
&Nbsp;   bridal bouquets of 10 basic type 1. round: the most popular, but also more traditional styles. Just a minor adjustment, necked, high bride or paired with any forms of dress are matched.
&Nbsp;   2. rounded three-section: basically can be formed by the combination of three different sizes of circles, curves can be changed according to the preferences of the sagging. In principle, the tall bride this bouquet is more suitable for holding, curves and gorgeous wedding dress with the most obviously compatible.
&Nbsp;   3. triangle: a circle and spend a long string, consisting of a circle and the three flowers in two basic composition. The shape of the bouquet style as long as they be adapted to the size of the bride, bride of any body and temperament are suitable.
&Nbsp;   4. meniscus: Crescent-shaped bouquet with elegance in a traditional atmosphere, great for a formal wedding. Shapes can the bride likes to make vertical or horizontal type, basically to tall and thin bride can express a momentum and temperament.
&Nbsp;   5. PTOSIS: drooping flower elastic is great, gorgeous, fresh and elegant, country air, is also a popular style. Tall bride, good temperament and luxury dress best matched with a long skirt.
&Nbsp;   6. waterfall: waterfall-shaped drooping bouquets and similar, is also very popular style. Projection-line leap like a waterfall down the hyperbole, but soft, sporty styling, people put it down. Tall, elegant bride can choose gorgeous styles, if paired with long skirts dress, the best combination is perfect. Petite brides may use the elegant orchid flower, minimalist style.
&Nbsp;   7. teardrop-shaped: basic composition as a combination of half dome and triangle, just like the shape of water droplets. Teardrop-shaped bouquet is very pleasing, with the same round bouquet, a match any size bride.
&Nbsp;   8.S: evolved from the s-shaped bouquets belong to the circle changes shape, s-curve can be adjusted according to the preferences of the couple. Elegant lines gives people a warm and special visual effects, nice bride this bouquet are ideal for holding.
&Nbsp;   9. spherical: balloon bouquet gives a lovely, natural feeling, more suitable for outdoor or spectacular wedding. Sweet bride this bouquet in hand will be more pleasant pretty.
&Nbsp;   10. grip (bouquets): hold the bouquet exudes a natural rustic wind, if use Ribbon decorations, like a thousand stunning like a girl. This bouquet is also more suitable for use outdoors or spectacular wedding. BACK

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