Wedding how to buy wedding candy

&Nbsp;   Chinese people used "candy" to refer to married, visible candy wedding essential.
&Nbsp;   candy meant care to express a sincere gratitude to family and friends for many years, now the candy is just sugar, it may extend that wedding food.
&Nbsp;   despite the gradual decline of candy in the minds of people, very few people will get a few pieces of chocolate and beaming, happy but togetherness is still not small. Candy before, just a regular candy; today's sweet, sugar-what is not important, the key is packing creative, eye-catching. Wedding cake is also an integral part of modern wedding a "dot product", how to buy, a lot of learning.
&Nbsp;   personality candy can in candy Shang wrote Shang himself of name Chinese candy: old for new except General of Red Hi Word packaging bags, and square tray outside, candy also has new of round, and wine bottle shaped and the spent bags (appearance imitation dried flowers packaging bags), and thousands knot candy (with Ribbon dressing bags mouth), packaging, fine of packaging style was see spent has eye, and Nestle, and de Fu, and good Shi, and International brands such as Cadbury's was launched with much fanfare the packaging more elaborate wedding chocolate boxes. Consider the following models:
&Nbsp;   wedding story wedding candy unwrapped, on each piece of candy is a wedding etiquette, such as brides, bride, etc.
&Nbsp;   sedan, candy girl, sedan is a big life, nowadays many girls matchmaker regret that he hadn't sat sedan scene once, through the distribution of the sedan chair candy this wish we need to complete. Scarlet bridal sedan chair did a decent, just a mini and auspicious festive and fun, a small image of the bride and groom on the tray fine and lovely, perfectly. Containing two chocolates, who with one hand holding the candy will find cute.
&Nbsp;   Angel Baby Candy make love in small boxes, little angel.
&Nbsp;   flower bag candy is modelled on the dried flower bag packaging, delicate transparent silk bag, hazy, thought it was a packet of fragrant dried flowers, exquisite people can't bear to take apart, apart is to let surprise you with candy.
&Nbsp;   personality wedding candy candy packaging, you can follow the design the way they want, such as the names of the bride and groom, you want to say to friends and relatives, or even put all your photos printed on the candy box, feel very warm.
&Nbsp;   talking candy cute bears to attract people's attention, on the back of a small bag filled with sweet Dove chocolate, is the most special, gently pinch bear belly, you will hear the "Iloveyou" sound came out. Chocolate finish, chic candy box so I'm afraid that no one will be willing to throw away. Imported candy don't think candy is "Chinese characteristics", Western countries have sent sweet habit. Us Westerners sent candy differently. In General, the new custom candy are different styles, different colors, and rows and rows of them exporting long table in the Ballroom. The guests after the banquet, left and went to the front to take the last two boxes, which two colors like, access to which of the two colors. Candy West is unique, for example, from Italy's top wedding---CONFETTI with sugar series, produced by all of Sicily's finest almonds. Pouring almonds into a large copper pot and let copper pot while rotating slowly, slowly down the syrup from the copper pipe at the top of the pot, slowly wrapped in almond crust, after four working days before arriving at a grain of white wedding candy, each candy contains numerous sincere blessing.
&Nbsp;   DIY candy newcomers like myself thinking about packaged candy, with both pink and purple velvet paper, sewn into small pockets, filled with sugar, and finally a fine Ribbon tied together, cute. While making you want to spend a lot of time, but originally only the joy of belonging to two people assigned to each of the candy, and hand-in your Pocket by newcomers is sent out. So full of mind candy really put it down, could not bear to eat. BACK

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