How to buy a wedding ring

&Nbsp;   purchase wedding rings, for many girls may have been living for themselves for the first time to buy a real jewelry. Here I introduce to buy jewelry, you should pay attention to some problems to help you choose the preferred wedding ring, you know it is the eternal witness to your love Oh!
&Nbsp;  , what metal bottom for thousands of years, has been among the most precious metals of gold and silver. At any given time, any country and region, these two things are collectible, can be used as currency to make hard currency. Until today, there is still a lot of people backing them as a wedding ring is the main material. But in recent years, Platinum metal rise as a more valuable and beautiful, bodacious, in store sales have jumped as the first. And higher hardness of Platinum and diamonds on it is not easy to fall off.
&Nbsp;   in addition, in foreign countries there are two very popular these days, and Platinum (white gold) and red gold (pink gold). Both of these alloys are in gold has added small amounts of other metals, its color is more brilliant than gold, Feng Ying, even. There is also a golden, using alloys of different colors, braided or twisted into a shape and color and pattern, both beautiful and generous, and the personality, great collector's value.
&Nbsp;   about the purity of gold, usually a "k" to measure. "K" number larger, higher purity, 24K gold for the gold. In most cases, does not choose backing material 24K gold, because gold is very soft, easy to wear, break, jewel on it is easy to fall off. Stores selling rings, 18K gold most of its high hardness, can meet as a condition for backing the use of. In Europe and the United States, most popular backing and even dismissive of our domestic 14K gold, because of its high hardness. 14K gold rings can be worn for more than 50 years and remain the same, thus Western wedding anniversary for the elderly has "Golden" said.
&Nbsp;  , buy diamonds should pay attention to the second "4C"
&Nbsp;   Western saying, "diamonds are a girl's best friend", China also has "diamonds are forever, a forever" argument. Although a lot of people are choosing other jewelry as an engagement ring, such as rubies, emeralds or pearls, but the diamond ring is the most fashionable choice. Note to opt for "four c": Cut-net cut, Clarity-, Color-and Carat-color carats.
&Nbsp;   Cut--cut diamond cut vital, directly affects a Diamond's value. Only the standard cut, to show its bright light, to the perfect combination of clarity and color. Cut diamonds generally spheres or cones. Cuts come in many shapes, such as squares, rectangles, hexagons, circles and ovals, but the most popular is simple hexagons, and many of its sections to better show the diamond light.
&Nbsp;   Clarity--clarity: diamonds crystallization from mantle magma deep in the Earth, after millions of years of geological changes, with various natural imprinting. The imprint color, size, location, distribution on diamond values have different effects. Diamond surface or tend to have defects, such as bubbles, cracks, Feather, etc. Less defects, diamond grade higher. Overall, diamond clarity, in turn, is divided into five levels, ten small level.
&Nbsp;   Color--color: Diamond color from colorless, rare precious blue, ranging from yellowish pink to common. Diamond is colorless, white light can penetrate, after refraction and dispersion is more colorful. Most white diamonds for grade d, followed by e, f, g, h, I, j, k, l, m and n.
&Nbsp;   Carat--Clarke: the weight measured in carats of diamonds. 1 Carat equals 0.2 grams. One carat is divided into 100 cents, such as 0.75 carat, also known as 75 cents. Weigh the same diamond, for color, clarity, cut different price thus far. For example a 2-Carat diamonds if the cut is not elegant, shape out, bubbles, clarity, low, would not be the ideal choice. A just 1/2-Carat Diamond, if colorless, high clarity and use the most popular cut, would have been like, the price is high. BACK

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