List of Wedding couples wedding of the year

&Nbsp;   one years in the of wedding listing 12 months Qian 1, and to bookstore, and website collected married preparatory related information 2, and and another half and parents discussion married ceremony, and honeymoon, and new homes of budget and the planning 3, and collection styling, and wedding, and groom dress, and distribution ornaments of resources, and began identified wedding photography company 4, and attention House, and furniture, and appliances and price, 5, and married Qian health check 6, and began maintenance body 10 months Qian 1, and decided married Hou residence, And began to develop a new layout plan.
&Nbsp;   2, developing new items purchased.
&Nbsp;   3, selecting, buying wedding rings.
&Nbsp;   4, determine the wedding ceremony and wedding reception of time, space, style, and number of guests should be seated.
&Nbsp;   5, broadly identified marriage ceremonies and wedding feasts total budget of 6, start looking for wedding ceremony and wedding reception needs cake shops, florists, bands, photographers or cameramen, or wedding. Important attention area wedding facilitator (if you are in Jinan, Jinan MC is a good choice, it is a good time to communicate) renovating 8 months ago 1, decorate the new House.
&Nbsp;   2, purchase furniture and appliances.
&Nbsp;   3, began to organize a wedding guest list.
&Nbsp;   4, determine the wedding preparations for personnel, if necessary, can be prepared for the first time will be held.
&Nbsp;   5, start looking for information on honeymoon, ask the travel agency.
&Nbsp;   6 months ago 1, determine the date of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, booking venues.
&Nbsp;   2, development of domestic and overseas honeymoon planning.
&Nbsp;   3, apply for a passport.
&Nbsp;   4, start the selection of new dresses, wedding dresses and their respective parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls dress.
&Nbsp;   marriage preparation work 4 months ago 1, dress.
&Nbsp;   2, paired with dresses selected by all kinds of jewelry.
&Nbsp;   3, determine the honeymoon planning and travel.
&Nbsp;   4, complete photo shoot.
&Nbsp;   5, ordered all wedding needs invitations, seating cards, 2 months ago 1, arrange the transfer of property and other related matters, message from the pre-marriage property notarization 2, for content, design, during game 3, select travel accessories.
&Nbsp;   4, sent out the invitations.
&Nbsp;   5, determine the number of banquet table accurately.
&Nbsp;   1, 6 weeks ago and his friends on "the Bachelor" party.
&Nbsp;   2, try bride wedding makeup.
&Nbsp;   3, copy wedding related information to workers.
&Nbsp;   4, buy: film, album, book, red bag, thank you cards, seating cards, sign pens, pins, lighters and other items.
&Nbsp;   5, buy small gifts for wedding preparation personnel.
&Nbsp;   1, 4 weeks ago booked the wedding host, contact wedding staff, convened the second preparatory meeting, determine the preparation of the distribution plan, and confirmed the Group's work.
&Nbsp;   2, the best prepared "wedding moments" table, to ensure that the wedding had no regrets.
&Nbsp;   3, contact the wedding company, plan a wedding rehearsal time 3, prepared a thank you in advance, after the honeymoon can be sent out.
&Nbsp;   4, discussing details of wedding planning, flowers, balloons and other 5, confirm the knot wedding car number, driver, car decoration 6, reserve a hotel housing guests the wedding list to the other provinces and cities 2 weeks ago 1, coordinate with the wedding venue on the site layout, dishes and other final details.
&Nbsp;   2, booking the wedding cake.
&Nbsp;   3, and and styling Division confirmed day of dress up 4, and held farewell single party 5, and to company application holiday (note should tie honeymoon time) 1 week Qian 1, and wedding day preparatory personnel, and hospitality personnel of last once prepared Conference 2, and prepared good wedding day of detailed schedule, and carry items listing, and red 3, and held wedding of preview 4, and facial and the body massage 5, and lists honeymoon in the to for relatives purchase gift of listing 6, and layout new home 7, and New completed salon work 3rd Qian 1, and confirmed Auditorium, and banquet places of the prepared 2, and important guests of should again phone contact 3, and prepared simple of food put in new home 4, and and travel agency or set room at confirmed trip and the room wedding yesterday 1, and photography, and team, and hotel, last confirmed 2, and in new home posted some "Hi" Word, to added new gas 3, and repair nails, and repair eyebrow, and wash head 4, and and beauty makeup Division determine makeup time 5, and check honeymoon luggage (if you door wants to in married banquet Hou immediately to honeymoon words) 6, and Strengthens skin moisturizing relax 7, 8, newcomer early to bed 1, earlier than usual on that day, be sure to eat for breakfast, but not a lot of water, 2 important items, such as wedding rings, marriage certificates supporting someone keeping 3, luggage, wallets, passport, Visa, credit cards, foreign currencies and other confirmed 4, ENJOY!
&Nbsp;   wedding 1-3 weeks 1, dinner preparations also give small gifts 2, clearing the wedding photo 3, sort 4, sent a thank-you card, sent to my mother wedding photo 5, inviting friends and family to a new home as a guest BACK

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