Corsage worn

&Nbsp;   at the wedding, the groom, best man, receptions, ceremonies and the father of the bride needs corsage. Groom's boutonniere, usually the bride's bouquet of flowers, when this is in the choice of the bride's bouquet, also need to be considered one of the key elements. Traditionally, the groom's bouquet for the bride, and then picked a flower in the bride's bouquet, groom's chest.
&Nbsp;   brooch of the other guests, and to the principle of simple and small. Remember, brooch and bag is embroidered, should have the finishing touch effects, do not become distracting Visual focus. A flower and some drink with baby's breath flower is enough, never let your corsage into a bouquet of flowers. Flower pedicels is not too long. Corsage is not in the left lapel of the Blazer, some tailored suits in that position have a grommet, put brooch designs. But now rule loose much, brooch pinned to the right lead is not too rude. If you have the grommets can be put in place, boutonniere placed on the suit, pedicels straight down at shoes for good. BACK

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