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Environmentally friendly wedding venue layout theme

&Nbsp;   romantic bamboo forests in buildings, furniture and decoration into the increasingly popular bamboo is now stage for wedding decorations. Entire wedding table mixes a lot of bamboo materials, using bamboo as a support at the end of the table, napkin decorated with bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots, after a beautiful mix of pink ornaments, and more prominent green of bamboo, creating a sense of modern Western. You know, a bamboo trees to release more oxygen than the same size, and needs only 2 years to grow, using bamboo as the venue, can be said to be the best choice for environmentally friendly and fashionable one. New "green" themes different environmentally friendly wedding venue layout themes, the "green decoration" is complete with waste wood as wedding table decorations, fun and full of green! Jinan wedding company natural wild lime leaves in a cloth, and this environmental-friendly, healthy lemon leaf plant material generally used is the floral industry in the near future. Reincarnation application leaves, shrubs, decorative, vines and stems are capable of full recovery, as a wedding gift for guest, living there are taken home by the couple in the House's Garden, for significance and rich as a souvenir! Dessert station banana is not just for eating, this dessert arrangement, it is to maximize the banana element. Including banana leaves, banana fiber, banana stem, such as the subject of this dessert set-ups, even tables and props are all environmentally-friendly materials--talent will have the opportunity to stop in the end. Manufacture wedding romantic atmosphere on a small detail that use cameras or popular Polaroid at each table, allowing guests to take pictures for my own, increase in the atmosphere. When you can let guests self portrait Polaroid, wrote the words for their attendance in the photo. Put a note in the invitation card and request a guest card to write down on a couple of wishes or think. Then put it in the collection box for the party, the couple then read these to friends and relatives at the wedding wishes words, believe the atmosphere will be moved. Photographer request guests toward the camcorder a few wishes to speak. After the wedding, you can request a photographer will cut received these precious moments of your wedding on video tape. Uses a small picture frames, place card and souvenir items of dual use. I've been to a wedding, and to see my photos and names were placed on an elaborate silver photo frame. This photo frame, I was able to claim. Excitement, definitely you want guests to be. A bottle of liquid soap placed on each table so that guests can use to blow bubbles.

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