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Creative wedding 17 important step

&Nbsp;   funky character generation to my wedding tastes good! Tired of qianpian wedding, want my wedding personality and unconventional? Little creativity will make every step of the wedding full of new, small introduced stylish wedding ideas 16 tips, make your wedding nonconformist, unique!
&Nbsp;   1. creating a wedding blog, log records happiness wrote a blog has become a kind of fashion, you might as well creating a blog for my wedding, recorded I the process of preparations for the wedding, and communicate with friends through a network of wedding related issues; you can also write a letter to himself, write down your look on life and fantasy, and to keep it up. Until your later years. 25 years of age, and opened it, your life will be as the wish.
&Nbsp;   2. layout reception Member, expression you on guest of focused on to makes wedding is methodically, and can show out new of taste, initiative you precise statistics guest of number and name, in wedding Qian manufacturing out a Zhang seat chart, put in welcome bin district to guest seats of location, figure Shang has guest of name and the table of number, to let guest soon found I of seat, while you needs layout 1 bit and you is cooked of friends as led bit member, Guests to be seated is a lot easier, and gives guests the feel that you are very stressed.
&Nbsp;   3. invitation to appearance but to apply your wedding invitations can be printed on LOGO, wedding photos, initiatives you have the wedding day of all the conditions detailed in the invitation marked:
&Nbsp;   1. inform your guests of your wedding day needs how long does it take.
&Nbsp;   2. fill out your wedding guests for your wedding to be prepared.
&Nbsp;   3. indicate your guests dress with details of special requests.
&Nbsp;   4. inform guests which road to take to arrive at the hotel.
&Nbsp;   5. guests include internal and external peripheral map.
&Nbsp;   6. inform the guest of the hotel's car park where whether there is free parking.
&Nbsp;   7. If necessary also to inform guests what are around the hotel convenience store or consumer entertainment venue.
&Nbsp;   4. meaningful names to the wedding table wedding, give a special name to each table. For example, if you like to travel, then, to your table you like to go to the city, the Central name. If you like flowers, give a variety of flowers on the table name. When the guests arrived, tell people to "Peony" is better than "3rd, 5. sand painting the scene plays, romantic fashion, stage a love story 2009 most innovative interpretation of the wedding is played live sand painting, has been popular in cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, a generation of romantic wedding weather vane. Wedding day scene coupled with light sand painting, person narrator, or the groom's love confession, live performance of romantic love process with sand, make guests understand the couple's love story, groom to the secret wedding to the bride on the day of a big surprise, groom the sand painting narration, sure to impress the bride with mixed feelings.
&Nbsp;   6. wonderful DV clips, lively atmosphere on the play for the heat of the newcomers, don't give up "wedding" the absolute timing of male and female heroes, might as well get a DV shot feature film: warm love stories, funny funny bride and groom education piece of "action" ... ... Wedding play effect than in the photos slide at all.
&Nbsp;   7. delicate warm return prepared for each guest with a small piece of cake (or candy, honey, etc) pretty little box, and attach a small card that read my words to express concern and gratitude. Honored guest separately sent, will give a satisfactory impression on guests to participate in the wedding. Cost is very small, but can enhance the wedding tastes.
&Nbsp;   8. properly decorate children's activity area in the corner of your wedding venue features a central as a children's activity area, small toys, books, if conditions allow, then set up a "children first" led the children to play together. In the hours-long wedding, naughty children would not continue to just stay in the seats, needs frequent access to the bathroom or outdoor space, thus there are children seats should be kept near the exit, is easy to access, and also does not affect the wedding stopped. In addition, do not seat layout with children near the Lakes, lowlands, there are safety problems such as highways, slopes of Central.
&Nbsp;   9. Design wedding games, increased interaction between the wedding has many wedding would encounter this dilemma: guests at the wedding banquet with nothing, waiting to eat a good meal got separated. This wedding to avoid cheesy, suggest you some games, such as example sweepstakes, prize, riddles, tongue twisters, let the guests to join in, prepare some souvenir gifts of value, must complete different atmosphere of the whole wedding.
&Nbsp;   10. collected guest wishes, for children levy name wants to let wedding full human son, actually approach many, analogy in each bit guest seat Shang are placed a Zhang has they name of delicate card (seat brand), wrote some grateful words, guests of name and grateful language if is new people handwriting of will more warm, and is has value; also, also can let participation wedding of guest in card Shang wrote Xia on new of wishes, collected up, Hanging in a wedding wishing tree or Trevi; same idea, you can get involved in the wedding guests for your future baby, allowing guests to feel I am focusing on, on the other hand will leave an unforgettable impression.
&Nbsp;   11. hand print, trendy oath ceremony you must be seen in the movie Hollywood India and mudra's moment of glory, Star fashion ceremony in practice you can have? Prepare a piece of clay, with nice frame, fingerprints on the print with the couple at the ceremony, couples can think out of the informal tracks. Such ceremonies in recent years compared to prevalent in the wedding in the city.
&Nbsp;   12. selection wedding ice sculpture, do fashion new wedding ice sculpture in recent years increasingly was fashion new of love, select a paragraph note wine ice sculpture can let to champagne Tower of ceremony more has creative; broken ice take ring also will let you of keepsake more has meaning; classic referral: carved Division according to new of idea design out a paragraph special of broken ice ice sculpture, broken ice zhiqian ice sculpture Shang appeared of is tasteless of "fight", dang new with ice hammer breakthrough fight zhihou, happiness II Word Crystal rendering, This idea won rave reviews at the wedding.
&Nbsp;   13. Magic play, render 09 magic mysterious atmosphere prevails, if you magic, might as well design a conjure up the bride or the groom to conjure diamond ring ceremony; if you're not magic, initiative you professional magician to entertain, magician or astrologer to wedding entertainment, guests will be unexpected surprises.
&Nbsp;   14. talent show, new do explicit Fong China many young are has singing dance, and piano, of preferences, these expertise full can in wedding site shang led a small climax, analogy groom soulful evaded of dance meet bride of appearances; bride Tage appeared; groom he guitar wants to bride proposed; or in married banquet zhiqian two people dance dazzle dance into venue and so on...... A Word has a talent to show up, it's a killer taste plus the wedding.
&Nbsp;   15. Design accidents surprise link, foil wedding atmosphere you can select several married table, then in this several Zhang table following Department Shang a flower spent (or other beloved of small gift, these things to compromised, don't let everyone are know) married banquet Shang, reasonable everyone eat have relish Shi, groom announced: "now has a exciting of thereafter to released, table under has rose spent (gift) of guest Please hands, you was named's, You need to play a show or be a gift, and so on.
&Nbsp;   16. guest traffic problems do you think you are proudly car arrived at the wedding venue, the guests do? Guest of traffic problem not ignored, if you only for I and relatives are layout has return of transport, and those and you total took luxury car came to wedding site of guest are, last is not know how on home of road, such will is is faux pas, thus initiative you early contact traffic company, and employment bus or layout friends served as to guest taxi visitor, in this is Shang you spend has is money, but get of is is guest on you of respect.
&Nbsp;   17. international dialogue with the world.

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