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Bride at a wedding to remember the advice

&Nbsp;   wedding contacts, even four weeks could all busy anxious panic, let alone as a protagonist of you. But since you are the protagonist, the calm and tolerance in a happy mood to face this great event in your life. Without experience, panic is the ability to understand, look at the following intimate advice 8, you will find that you have not thought of the problem. Don't drink too much wine. Drinking too much can make you look very inappropriate, therefore, to control the consumption of alcohol, and adhere to the urbane position until the wedding is complete. Jinan wedding wedding not too exaggerated. When you find a relative or friend of the seats were gone or forgotten album, you might have to ants. Remember, no matter what the work, must adhere to a surname and stabilization. Do you stand tall and straight. Holy wedding in the upright posture of contrast, and more beautiful. When some instruments. You spend a lot of time to select and groom wedding, why not stop travelling to enjoy it? Even if it is a little piece of cake. Don't keep fiddling with hair wedding, many brides worry hair will attack change. Hairdresser once for you to do a variety of fixed measures, your hair can confrontation to the wedding is complete. Restless God of truth, to make bridesmaids prepare some small Hairpin, ready to help you fix hairstyle. Trying to suppress a few bad habits. Can imagine, when the bride at the wedding video, found himself chewing gum, or wording and guests at the habit of biting your fingers, be sure to immediately delete. So make sure to restrain my habit of gamesmanship. Do not prepare too loud music. General speaking, the guest 30% you are elderly, they don't like noise, so noise master control volume. Calm down. When every one hour or less, stop and you are busy working, chewing at that moment, feeling around people's faces, and then see the groom. Less quiet will make you feel very comfortable. Bouquet bride taste all the bride is to match the bride's body size, temperament, color, and so on. New first of all should be based on the wedding theme, wedding tone color bouquets of flowers, weddings, color, then according to the bride's body size, style of bouquets. General status Xia, body compared high pick of bride right falls shaped or drops shaped of hand holding spent, but too tall of bride is to thinking Xia Crescent shaped hand holding spent has, other of status and so on, temperament smaller beloved of bride compared right not delineation rules of spherical hand holding, Petite and elegant of bride is right more delineation rules of spherical hand holding, also can according to I preferences of wedding select: tail wedding right Scepter type hand holding, bubble bubble sleeve bubble bubble led wedding right Thai hemisphere hand holding spent,.

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