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How to make new life after marriage preparation

&Nbsp;   It is said that marriages are under siege, people outside want to get in, people want to come in. Such claims inevitably biased, "in order to write new words saying that worry" is suspect. But the words also state that marriage is not a good nut buns, if not ready, does not adjust himself, it is possible to make my marriage falling passive. Loving husband and wife, each other is the purpose of marriage, to reach this objective, needs new people from the following areas ready for life preparation.
&Nbsp;   1, start a new life after marriage, not to change too much.
&Nbsp;   you make the marriage vows at the wedding, indicating later in life you will be considerate of each other, to share the joy and share their troubles. But this does not mean that you have to complete changes himself, you need to accept each other is not the same character, so as to achieve the ultimate aim of complementarity.
&Nbsp;   2, exercise after marriage.
&Nbsp;   many people lean after they get married, nourishing of a happy life on the one hand, but more as a result of marriage because of lack of exercise. If you don't like sports, just as well from the beginning, looking for some of you are sports, play golf, or go swimming, sweating on the playground, not only can you cheer whenever and wherever flesh, and you'll be passionate in the bedroom. Daily exercise will make your married life to unexpected success.
&Nbsp;   3, and good friends forever insist on contact.
&Nbsp;   friends occupy an irreplaceable place in life, they (the women) will be ready to help you escape from the family burdens, help you deal with problems encountered in life. So you have to keep contact with your old friends, and often invite them (they) come out HAPPY, shopping, clubbing together. Relive happier days, let them (they) know that you are still the most trusted friends and not be married will change, resulting in double crop love and friendship.

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