Wedding notice

Wedding photographers should note

&Nbsp;   first can not be late, late means you hit hard the day discounts.
&Nbsp;   second the machine prior to test. Including whether the tape is used, machine video button normal, sound is included properly. Cameras such as gray neutal filter, turn off. Whether it was automatic or manual transmission.
&Nbsp;   the third local wedding customs. Hilarious red envelope including the doorstep (Shanghai Pudong Waigaoqiao), or the bride, the bride can't look (Anhui), and so on. Avoid some shots if you missed, or don't have a good point, if records are also calculated, do not repeatedly posed, so offensive to the guests. Some things only once.
&Nbsp;   control scenes do not a pure record fourth serves get on and get off the bride and bridegroom go out the door in advance to a better angle, if possible for white balance (indoor light more complex), then let them. So again I Shun.
&Nbsp;   fifth time if has good etiquette practices, asked the couple whether to locations away from home if you have to ask the set that far and the distance to the hotel.
&Nbsp;   sixth location prior more see other of disc, and the potatoes kuliu, online wedding location, wants to several himself can took of action and the picture how expand is fixed also is mobile (shake) (moved) seventh control good battery of electricity volume, if has necessary with two block battery and the charger including less open LCD screen more with framing device (md9000&md10000) eighth control good tape length each lens wants to good, sometimes can let picture characters out painting, Then stop recording, and then select the right angle, such as the case did not know how long, and then more songs for a while, did not speak when or just finished the timing for angle, move seats.
&Nbsp;   eighth poor light if the machine need to pack light, and make sure the lamps correctly, and sometimes light can no longer drive or burned wires. Best select the right wires. Wedding stage backdrop than new light on the face, sometimes to open backlight backlight key to ensure new, facial light or stage light, followed by some exposure, there is nothing.
&Nbsp;   Nineth wedding site communication sometimes have several parts, new red carpet champagne glasses cake MOM and dad talk to speak and a new witness may not communicate with the head of ceremonies or wedding day, ask about what order, tenth polite and if you take a feast almost finished, and say hello to the bride and groom said that as time is running out if you want to shoot it, you can time out is how much an hour. Do you want to buy tapes (some wedding directly to buy out some of the need to buy, a 30-50-

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