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Six major personality wedding

&Nbsp;   each person normally has a wide variety of hobbies, then at the wedding, there is no need for their interests to be deliberately collecting. Just use your imagination and creativity, good wedding can you, a lot of fun.
&Nbsp;   1, wild sport stylish outdoor wedding for Avid hiking and camping enthusiast is a good choice. But even full natural beauty enthusiasts, placed in an outdoor wedding is not the only choice, because indoors or you can create a pastoral scenery. However, to achieve such an effect, will have to make a little change, for example: packed flower containers used wooden boxes rather than porcelain, lighting with natural light, or shape dessert made tents. All in all reasonable ideas to your wedding, you can bring the outdoors indoors.
&Nbsp;   2, romantic style of music a music-loving couple, you can design the invitations and menus with a music theme. If you think this is, music is not enough, can also treat people recommend something they feel fantastic music in advance, and then select play songs at the banquet. Of course, if you feel your voice well, or have a hand in playing musical instruments, can also join wedding bands, try.
&Nbsp;   3, fresh travel style you like to travel, and guests share the Customs? this is not difficult, for instance on every desk in your travel photos with you, coupled with marked maps to illustrate. If your footprints all over, that this wedding will be able to do more reading. Music, ethnic folk tune can be selected if he had asked for a dance, then let guests also follow a few steps. Of course if you can also add specialty foods from around, that this wedding was perfect.
&Nbsp;   4, movie style wedding present, your mind is classic vows in the movie? it looks like you should be the one who loves the movie. In this case, it is simply to movie nights. Ready for guests ' food basket of popcorn, soda and so on watch the classic movie snacks, or you can put your favorite movies on DVD. Guest admission, red carpet, served champagne, cocktails and more, and then with big screens in your favorite piece of love, that will completely be stories of Hollywood stars to attend the premiere of reproduction. Still not fun? then just in front of all the guests, to film proposal scene parody. But I thought, after all, marriage is only once in a lifetime event, take some effort should be.
&Nbsp;   5, golf style if Golf is the love of your life, then organized a golf-style wedding. You can check in desk desktop was covered with fresh sod, marked with the guest name and seat number of golf balls hanging on the t-ball. In addition, in an outdoor wedding venue set up a mini golf area, loved Golf and leisure time for guests at a cocktail party, hit a few shots. This theme can also be played on the wedding cake, you can on the cake decorated with small models are great golf equipment, of course, they can be made of cream or fruit or chocolate.
&Nbsp;   6, beach, romantic style you've always dreamed of having a tropical wedding. Can start with invitation design: vine and starfish pattern pressed into the texture of the paper or simply printed with colorful patterns. Use your imagination, straw rope, interspersed with star fruit cocktail and caught in minimally reduced pineapple place card can be rendered on a tropical island-like feeling. Center of as table ornaments, you can use a transparent cylindrical glass vase, fill half of the sand, then plugged in a blue candle; orchids submerged in a shallow glass bowl filled with water, also will have the delicate beauty of taste. In addition, the table display shows a variety of coral and seaweed's little Aquarium is also a good idea.

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