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2011 some tips for choosing a wedding company

&Nbsp;   married generation is particularly high this year, as a new generation, there is a fault, not knowing what to do before marriage is always very hectic. So, I felt compelled to tell you in detail, wedding how to choose the right wedding company, how to make a unique wedding that we would not scrambling, flurried.
&Nbsp;   according to the survey, Jinan has nearly 70,000 marriage registration on an annual basis only, if each couple wedding consume an average of 30,000 yuan, the city's annual wedding consumption of more than 1 billion yuan. So big business makes the wedding company flourish. In this regard, the experts advise, best choice for formal wedding company wedding service.
&Nbsp;   first of all, should learn more about the legality of the wedding business, various procedures are complete, business scope and duration, practitioners are qualified. Second Wedding contract should clarify their respective rights, obligations, avoid vagueness. Selected wedding car to car make, model, style, and even colors written into the contract. Wedding photography to be particularly careful, camera should specify is a day or a half a day, including recording location, and so on. For your wedding is the most important when the company entered into an agreement, to carefully observe the content details, do not due to face not detailed in your sign until you can say there is no problem. Meanwhile, to request an invoice, if there is a problem, can hold a certificate, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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