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After the concept of love

&Nbsp;   source: inherited the word everyone is very familiar with it! Everyday someone on TV we heard the dispute the dispute, there are many old dead small inherited the family property. Term of inheritance is congenital, congenital often associated with men here. You don't believe me ask, which one is not thinking of men and women that something. We ask a generation, they would reply, yes indeed. We ask $literal, they will look down on us.
&Nbsp;   in fact, those people hope so. Because they are men! However, $literal has older, wiser time, this does not conform to the mandate of heaven, what else can be done? Thus, after post, 50 the same way.
&Nbsp;   source II: now the domestic social environment hit Korean drama, Hong Kong, no one is there are very few lenses in full swing, all of these images, is rooted in the US after the juvenile and small, Dim's heart. Bud and bloom. They grew up under such an environment is nurtured from an early age, not evil just strange.
&Nbsp;   source III: lack of care this is for our parents. It is often said that after the love than any generation, in fact, it's just talk. Our parents to let children suffer a few days more to higher education, was too busy to squeeze out some time.
&Nbsp;   Finally, the nanny is brought up by us not grandparents. Subsequently, the grandparents do not evade our behavior, parents had to jostle each other to get a babysitter. Nannies are mostly of the young boy girl, after all, the young capital, younger and more lovable! You say, and nannies who we age normal size, you can love what!
&Nbsp;   source IV: Super love everything there are two extremes, there is a balance. So, can ordinary people do not understand, we look at the scales we know this truth. Chinese people used to go to extremes, there is little around the break-even point. Said one of the origin was "lack of care", says here is "care for over the top", that is our parents used to go to the extreme. Today's parents (many) children love unusual, they thought, the child's every step is too important, to start catching in the Palm, as a baby, said refused to let go. In fact, this is not the way, far, would be too much. As very sad.
&Nbsp;   original five: singular singular is a normal thing. When people are young, and something felt strange about things is not surprising. People like to see, the Chinese knew in this regard. Foreigners, the English proverb "curiosity killed the cat" eventually those people into a movie. It is enough to state that foreigners are human beings, and also likes to see. Adventures of little things are different from adults, their lack of self-control. In a lot of time and curiosity, we should try, finally, of first love. Today's generation, popular $literal not marriage, that sort of thing? In fact, the "marriage" is the pronoun of first love.
&Nbsp;   jaw is not special, they think of first love as well as in the early days of the $literal, $literal and even some people who come before it. But now them closed after the prevailed. First of all I must clarify the source of white after the first of the word love, wrote an article this is the author of the classic forms of generation dating me after 190 after revelations he to the effect that: your generation is OK, after the us, and went straight to bed. Finally, I asked, and then, he said, and just love it! Then I thought, this love can love again? Friends, what do you think?
&Nbsp;   original six: nothing dare to do in today's most likely after the show. Which we have to admit they like young, they do not hide, no cover, no hypocrisy. They said things like: "what is this? "Yes, the answer to them is," it's nothing really. "Besides, most generation of college students a few years ago, among them less of love after the first example? More go. In other words, is that this is also not a big deal.

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