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Application of four kinds of colors in the wedding

&Nbsp;   want to add atmosphere to your wedding and ultimately add some color, color rich variety of colors not only add warm for a winter wedding, but also for summer wedding noise comfort. Therefore, the wedding's color scheme on the holding of a successful wedding is very important. Color matching and adds both indoor or outdoor wedding wedding all right. If you hold an indoor wedding, then use warm colors, to enhance prosperity in the wedding if you are having an outdoor wedding, then there is nothing wrong with cool colors: blue, green, can increase the sense of the mood of the wedding. Jinan wedding little interpretation of taping you purple, blue, pink and green colors used in wedding.
&Nbsp;   purple very few female fantasy Provence ordinary romantic wedding, purple wedding round the warmth of many brides dream of love. Lavender wedding theme always hot, you might as well take a look. Purple represents the elegant, noble, and the beauty and mystery of purple, continue to know the bride likes, but the color purple is also very difficult to grasp, if matching is very rustic and quirky feel, so when you choose purple wedding must you planning Division and is that issued comprehensive planning scheme.
&Nbsp;   blue ocean theme wedding by more and more young people like the beach, mainly blue color wedding also initiated a modern wedding color trends. Initiative here use and topics related to decoration and detail to tie in with the overall theme. For example, shells, starfish, and so on. Careful you can prepare the blue marine theme of small items, collocation without worry, pay attention to the level of change and white will be attended by temperament.

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