Wedding notice

Wedding day attention

&Nbsp;   1, do not be late for this criterion applies not only to the bride and groom, also applies to all those who participate in the ceremony. Try to keep your wedding on time start, if not start on time, and it all will be delayed. Wedding Central will present some problems, especially after you may also decorate a wedding here. If the guest is not complete, so you won't be able to start on time, the waiting period not to exceed ten minutes.
&Nbsp;   2, do not forget feeding the hungry is the bride and groom will be beyond the imagination of big problems. On this day, everything you arranged by others, is that you lost most of a day in the life. In order to smooth stop of the whole wedding, to let all of you feel your joy, satisfaction and pride, your heart will show a blank or alarm, appetite is not very good, so remember that breakfast cannot be omitted, it is best to eat traditional Chinese poached in syrup, if a bad stomach, then try to eat some salty things. If the wedding start feeling stomach discomfort, then I am afraid that there is no time to eat. Many new busy greeting guests while away from my meal. If you do not eat breakfast, long wedding makes you very tired and lost rookie glory, syncope may be serious. Thus, in the beginning make sure you eat something before the wedding, banquet also tried to eat a little more.
&Nbsp;   3, do not be too alarmed some brides on their wedding day immersed in wedding in the hope, so that the use of sedatives, alcohol and other drugs to keep himself quiet down, this is not necessary. Wedding day, usually from the beginning present in the morning rush, some small problems would not necessarily when it was found. If major problems presented, you can't handle, so don't be dismayed and let others handle it for you, and you just need to relax I, adhere to smile, to enjoy, this is your day.
&Nbsp;   4, do not do the thing that is important to you in a traditional wedding, you will find some of the secular and traditional things, they are not important. If you wish, you can without the flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you think that some ceremonies seemed embarrassed, then omit it. No you have to complete certain procedures are in accordance with a rule of law. My way as much as possible.
&Nbsp;   5, do not spend too much time for individual guests may be hard, but you should try to use less time to receive each and every guest. In the day of the wedding, there are many things you need to do, toast, cake cutting and so on. If you spent a lot of time to receive guests, the time delay that you do these things, you can finally take some time to say hello to friends.
&Nbsp;   6, don't let the guests got drunk and you don't have to let the police to maintain order, but you need prompt service members to keep guests safe. While giving you best pay attention to every guest.
&Nbsp;   7, don't forget the episode things wedding day will soon be spent. Layout will behave on this day for several months. Guests will appreciate your wedding dress, flowers, enjoying your vast banquet prepared for them. But in the end, all in all just a party. Wedding has a more important meaning: tightly contact two people together, live together. On this busy day, try to remember one or two hours. Find your loved one smiling face in the crowd, so that in future days to come back to this wonderful memory.
&Nbsp;   8, Bridal Shoes to warm to normal bride before the wedding will choose to get some shoes to go with wedding dress, the bride must leave their shoes if you are careful with your gown perfectly. Here to give you a hint, you not only pay attention to the style and color of the shoes, and more to keep warm, as marriage that day, the bride has been the female lead, you need a long standing accompanying guests, forgot to bring two pairs of shoes, which can be used to float out put to use, because the guests are a glimpse of your face. When entering the site, beginning to change after the wedding, not only can \ "treat \" I. For guests, there is intimacy. Also, don't forget to bring socks, from busy \ "\".
&Nbsp;   9, red envelopes to take good care of the bride bride married in China face with red problem, you may receive a variety of friends and family of the bride to give you bonuses, these red envelopes to individually collect and keep. Due to the often wrote wishes in red envelopes and have distinct names and amounts, don't mess up. While some brides will also issue some junior guests return, returning to earlier basis may wrap the guests present. Distribute the bride and a free pass to them.
&Nbsp;   10, emergency there was a groom and groom emergency memo tips sent to you, which never hugged my bride and groom do? This is moving the situation so that each guest is passionate, when the bride and groom at the time of the wedding, is often a small climax wedding event.
&Nbsp;   to hint here, the groom before the wedding be sure to take the time to hold the wedding in person hotel or place of investigation or \ "absolute diehards \" investigative terrain, or to find the hotel there is a spiral staircase is trouble, carrying the bride up the stairs is a very difficult thing. Day of peace first, in order to prevent accidents, and don't do the things beyond.

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