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Tourism get married with rich contents

&Nbsp;   tourism married not only peace of mind, save time, and to broaden our horizons, increase their knowledge. But on the way, couples also pay special attention to the following issues.
&Nbsp;   first of all, should lose. Married in tourism circuit, in addition to the full consideration of their economic capacity, more important to consider the physical environment and tourism destinations. For smaller activities for couples, suitable mainly for leisure tours. Number pashansheshui, catch the daily ordeal of lines, often physical larger, suitable for couples, which can physically strong and active. Tourist attractions such as Tibet, physical requirements of the visitors is relatively high, and his wife according to choice. And should be combined with good rest, the itinerary cannot be arranged too full. Couple's sex life should be in full after the break. In view of the environmental impact on sex, people usually have some of the unfamiliar environment awareness, so that tourist destination should not be too frequent.
&Nbsp;   Secondly, should pay attention to hygiene, avoid pregnancy. Trip not during pregnancy. Tourism in a happy mood, are sexually hungry couple and skin contact, sex is inevitable. However, their fatigue, hunger and satiety no less nutritious, less sleep, these conditions are detrimental to pregnancy and eugenics. Travel, physical strength and energy are recovered when considering fertility, which is conducive to eugenics. Some low level room, sanitary conditions are often very poor, even at risk of infection, usually married in tourism not freeloaders and living environment of the poor choices. Experts believe that bad trip due to tiredness, stress, rest, pregnancy negative eugenics. It is recommended that married after 3 months for optimum conception time.

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