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&Nbsp;   Dang married March solemn and elegant of sounded, you pull with beloved of people in all of blessing sound in the on red blanket of when; Dang you in spent Pavilion hand holding flowers, waiting for with pull with father of hand evaded go to of bride of when; Dang you in all relatives friends of witness Xia accept he single knee kneeling to for you with Shang ring proposed of when; Dang you in stage Shang hands with cut representative sweet of cake, and pour pour representative happy of champagne of when believes you is happiness of. Beijing wedding, and Beijing wedding company, and Beijing wedding planning, and Beijing wedding planning company, and Beijing wedding company quotes, and Beijing wedding etiquette, and Beijing wedding supplies, and Beijing wedding planning, and Beijing best of wedding company, and will you with into one field different of wedding scene, purple mystery and romantic of smoked clothing grass theme wedding, blue quiet and deep of marine theme wedding, cute playful and dream of various cartoon theme wedding...... Using our unique creative thinking, intimate details of the full range of design, careful arrangements and quality service for you to share experiences in preparation for the wedding celebration of tedious things, let your wedding day enjoy the warmth and romance of wedding day!
&Nbsp;   Beijing true love wedding service company, providing ceremonies, with the makeup, photography, wedding car Concierge, invitations, gifts, drinks sweet and wedding planning, wedding and wedding site layout supervision and other services for new people to provide elegant, stylish and personalized wedding to your rendered scenes of different styles of wedding scene!

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